Meaghan M. Patno

Meaghan M. Patno

Skin Care Specialist

Meet Your Esthetician

Hi! I'm Meaghan Marie Patno, a board-certified Cosmetologist & Esthetician committed to excellence in comprehensive, cutting edge skin care. Originally from the Naples area,  I’ve spent the past 12 years growing in my industry, working in full-service salons from Fort Lauderdale to Chicago, before residing full-time in Tampa, Florida.

After decades of personally using and testing products across the spectrum, I love sharing my research and product knowledge to ensure women meet or exceed their beauty goals. Over the years, I’ve attended several hair and makeup conventions and have heard from celebrity artists and renowned industry professionals.

Skincare is always progressing and changing, of course, but what stuck out to me over the years is I wasn’t seeing results in people who received consistent facial and skin treatments. I didn’t see the big results I thought I would in women who used all the expensive serums or upheld long, unattainable beauty routines — which as a mom of a two year-old I cannot possibly keep up with. The world of skincare was overwhelming to me.

I’m all about results driven, aggressive, full steam ahead treatments (not the spa here) with amazing, lasting results, with the least amount of non-invasive treatments possible. I want "the surgery without the surgery" and the "injection results without the injections"! I want to provide simple, easy, home care maintenance.

I've been working very hard, pouring over the research out on the market today, traveling to take in-person trainings, additional different trainings online, honing my skills, getting the certifications, obtaining proper additional licensing, passing all health department inspections, and formed my fully insured PLLC all to curate this NEW love of mine!

To be able to live in a world full of filters, WITHOUT one……
Beauty Unfiltered by Meaghan Marie was created and ready to bring your full beautiful self forward.

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