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Anything is possible with HAIRDREAMS top-quality human hair and professional hair extension and hair thickening systems.

Hair Thickening by Hairdreams is the most natural and durable method to give fine and thinning hair body and volume. Several methods of Hair Thickening are available, depending on how fine or thin your own hair is.

Hairdreams MicroLines

The proven method for hair loss and thin hair.

The MicroLines System is ideally suited to replenish natural volume on top of the head for people who have thin hair or even advanced hair loss.

Micro-fine, virtually invisible special threads, so-called “MicroLines”, which have high-grade human hair attached to them, are worked into the client’s existing hair. The hair is matched in terms of color, structure and length, and can be unobtrusively integrated into the client’s own hair. The result is absolutely natural and voluminous hair, which blends into the clients own hair perfectly.

The MicroLines System is attached permanently and can be worn for many months. The additional hair can be worn like one’s own – even when swimming, going to a sauna, riding in a convertible etc.

How it works

The MicroLines method integrates a micro-fine, virtually invisible hair net into the client’s own hair. With the use of a so-called “Bonding Ring” the client’s own hair is gently integrated for a very durable result.

The MicroLines has high-grade human hair attached to it, which match the client’s own hair in terms of color and length, and which gives it natural body and volume in the crown area. One wearing period with a MicroLines is approx. 6-8 months.

Hairdreams Strands

Hair Thickening with Hairdreams strands is the ideal method to give fine hair lasting volume in lengths and ends.

The client’s own hair is inconspicuously filled in with individual Hairdreams strands, which match in color, length and structure.

Thus volume can be added to lengths and ends according to the client’s individual desire, with an absolutely natural and long-lasting result.

The hair is attached with tiny, patented Bondings, which are characterized by optimal wearing comfort and reliable durability. For long-lasting, pure satisfaction with one’s new hairstyle.

Hairdreams Top Hair

Extra-fast, extra-flexible thickening for fine and thinning hair.

The innovative TopHair System by Hairdreams is especially fast, convenient and flexible to use. It is ideally suited for fast and easy thickening of fine and thinning hair on top of the head.

Due to its unique construction it is especially suitable for hairstyles with longer hair on top and partings.

It consists of an innovative, breathable high-tech fabric, which has Hairdreams human hair attached to it. It is integrated into the client’s own hair on top of the head, making possible wonderfully soft and natural hairstyles with longer hair and natural bangs or partings.

Depending on preference it can be attached permanently or with the use of clips, so that the wearer can remove and reattach the hair at any time. This easy process is practiced in the salon under professional supervision.

How it works

Hairdreams TopHair can easily be attached on top of the head with clips. It makes the hair in the crown area thicker and longer, and even makes possible styles with exact partings.

The client can remove it and re-attach it herself at any time and without any difficulty. If the client would like a permanent solution, then it can also be attached permanently with use of the Bonding Ring technique.

One wearing period of the TopHair is about 6-8 months.

Hairdreams HighLines

Hair Thickening with amazing highlight effects.

The new Hairdreams HighLines provide considerably more volume on top of the head for very fine and slightly thinning hair. This is done with micro-fine, invisible special threads, which are integrated into the client’s own hair, and which have fine Hairdreams strands attached to them.

If desired, a different color can be chosen for those strands, so that the result is an attractive change in color, or strand effects such as highlights or lowlights. The unique characteristics of the HighLines System make these strand effects especially natural. And all this is done in a gentle, chemical-free process!

How it works

The HighLines are permanently attached in the crown area with use of the Bonding Ring Technique. The client’s own hair is pulled through the net and is naturally blended with the Hairdreams hair. The HighLines System makes possible any hair style requiring body and volume on top of the head. One wearing period with HighLines is approx. 6-8 months.


Regarding the Hairdreams Hair Extension and Thickening Systems

Here are collected questions about hair extensions that are frequently asked. If any of your questions are not answered here, then please contact me and I will be happy to help you.

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